Pussy hats

The pussy hat was first designed in Los Angeles, 2017 by the owner of the little knitery  Kat Coyle. However it was conceptualised as a “symbol of solidarity” among women by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. “to advocate for gender equality on President Donald Trump’s first full day in office.” (robinson, 2017). Th e concept was to spread a “sea” of pink hats “which will help activists be better heard and provide people who cannot physically march on the National Mall a way to represent themselves” (pussy hat project, 2017)  at the women’s March in Washington in downtown D.C (BOOKER, 17)in rebuke to trumps infamous remark, “garb em by the pussy”. By designing simple process the girls were able to include everyone of all knitting abilities.

The project was fortunate enough to go viral due to the vast population of people who want to support women’s rights, and the strong online presence that their team delivered. They managed to reach ‘100,000 people’ who have downloaded the hat’s pattern. (robinson, 2017). This was achieved by the genius of getting the public involved. Production was a symbolic and charitable act made by those 100 000 who took part round the world. Although it was an American issue, the team received support from Scandinavia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The design had to be simple and fun in order to be  get the general public to make hats for the team. What Kat Coyle came up with was…


(pussy hat project, 2017)


It was a stroke of genius for the two girls to match trumps gross words with this beginner knitting technique for a hat with pussycat ears and that assisted their success with the production and distribution of the hats.

As displayed in the Victoria and albert museum, on a mannequin head, the hat is made of pink yarn and fits comfortably on the head. Due to the looser wider knitting techniques the hat is tight to the head as if it were stretching to the shape of the head it was on. From the head the hat forms a bowl shape however due to the square shape of the hat when flat, two yarn cones protrude out of the bowl shape like cat ears. The stitches are alternating in direction, the vertical tension of the stich is supported by the horizontal tension and vice versa until it is eventually tied off. This is what gives the hat its structural integrity but it also creates a interesting texture the weaving of the yarn in this motion makes each string appear to wave above and the below another creating a wave like motion of semi circled tubes that line up off set to the row either side however the round bumps align completely straight with each other vertically up the hat.

That hat is presented in front of an Ariel photo of the “500,000” (v&A)  people who attended the woman’s march. It sat on a metal pole that stood roughly 30cm off the cabinet floor and in its narrow long shape took no attention away from the pearly white rounded off head that mounted the soft pink symbol of combined power towards equal rights.


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